The All Progresives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has again accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of complicity in the shooting incident that nearly claimed the life of Opeyemi Bamidele, a former member of the House of Representatives.
It claimed that Fayose exhibited callous conduct in his celebration of the unfortunate shooting incident at the flag off and homecoming of the APC candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, at the weekend.
Reports had alleged that a suspected assassin fired bullets suspiciously meant for Dr Fayemi but missed their target to hit Bamidele and five others.
A statement on Sunday by the State Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, accused Fayose of being responsible for the unfornutate incident.
“We have it on good authority that Fayose and the Chaplain of the Government House rejoiced on learning about the unfortunate incident of attempt on Fayemi’s life.
“The immediate comment by Fayose and his conduct by going on radio to warn people to avoid Ajilosun area while accusing Fayemi and the APC of the incident confirmed loud whispers in town that he knew about the attack.
“We are also aware of Fayose’s usual style of creating an alibi when he ordered okada and bus operators on the same day to converge on Fajuyi area of the state capital as Fayemi was being received by his party.
“By conducting himself in this manner, Fayose deliberately wanted to truncate the reception by causing a show-down with the APC crowds in Fajuyi end of the town and used that to carry out his planned coordinated attacks by his thugs he had already assembled in the area,” he said.
Olatunbosun recalled the party’s last reminder to the police in a petition signed by 15 political parties informing the security agency about alleged Fayose’s plan to start attacking and possibly assassinate members of the opposition as the July 14 election draws near.
“In that petition, we listed names of Fayose’s hit squad and also our party members already marked for elimination. The attempt on Dr. Fayemi’ life on Saturday is therefore a confirmation of the plot.
“This latest video is Fayose’s familiar style of accusing others of what he intends to do; which is called reversed psychology.
“Anytime Fayose wants to attack the opposition members, he will accuse them of planning to attack the people only to carry out the attack and later blame the opposition for it.
“We now have a strong suspicion that Fayose is behind the failed assassination bid on Dr Fayemi and will stop at nothing to eliminate him as he did to his opponents in the past,” Olatunbosun explained.
He called on security agencies to deploy special security forces to Ekiti State “in view of the recent threat to the lives of Fayemi and other APC leaders”.
He said that as it was customary with Fayose, rushing to the media immediately after the shooting happened to make wild allegations indicated that Fayose knew about the unfortunate incident, noting that his action was a cover-up to hide the facts of the attempted murder.
“Fayose and PDP must tell the whole world what they knew about this failed assassination bid. “The governor is supposed to be the chief security officer of the state who should be concerned about attack on the life of a prominent citizen but he has instead been making unguarded statements which makes him a suspect,” Olatunbosun concluded.
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